A New Way to Manage Your Fleet


Keeping drivers productive and safe on the road is essential to fleet owners. On one hand, the potential fuel savings for good driving habits can add up across the entire fleet, reducing operational costs. On the other hand, this can lead to fewer accidents and better delivery of services.

But how exactly can fleet managers ensure efficient driver behaviour and safety? In this age of information and technology, everything managers and logisticians need is right at their fingertips.

Enter Anonymous Fleet Tracker. It’s the next-generation GPS tracking software that can help your business monitor productivity levels with minimal expenses. It has a mobile app version that lets you stay updated with your business on the go.

This versatile fleet management solution is offered as a subscription app with annual subscription plans. We highlight the word versatile here because it lets you choose tracking options and features depending on the size and needs of your fleet.

Anonymous is basically a GPS tracker with a ton of extra features suitable for managing a large number of vehicles. See why your business is better with it.

Find the fastest routes

Anonymous helps you find the best routes relative to traffic and weather conditions. Every drop of fuel counts. So if you can make your deliveries or trips shorter, you’ll reap the benefit of increased productivity and reduced operating costs.

Anonymous combines satellite imagery, Google maps and XML maps for a more accurate picture of fleet locations at any given time.

Keep data in one secure place

Keeping documents can be a pain when you’re overseeing a large fleet. So maybe you’re already documenting everything digitally. But you can go a step further with Anonymous. By subscribing to the fully integrated plan, you can have a new integrated website where you can access all your data, including invoices, history, reports, etc. You can view these in either a detailed or a summary report, any time of day.

Anonymous also lets you add unlimited accounts and set admin/user roles for better fleet data management, All your data is backed up in a secure online storage so you won’t ever lose important records.

Actionable data

From the dashboard, you can view detailed history and a variety of reports, which contain accurate data for making smarter decisions about payback on your investment. For instance, you can track fuel consumption, idling hours and maintenance issues for each vehicle. The subscription comes with sensors and accessories that can help you monitor the status of each vehicle.

One of the early adopters of Anonymous uses the app to track driving behaviours, which helps them to reduce speeding and unauthorised usage. They also use vehicle-specific reporting to resolve customer billing disputes. The tracker records accurate times of arrival and departure at customer locations, so you can always find proof in your data.

The Anonymous fleet tracker generates comprehensive performance reports, detailing each vehicle’s log, driver scorecard, fuel consumption, routes and even traffic violations. The visibility of the fleet’s locations and activities in real time not only helps improve fleet efficiency but also helps mitigate insurance claims.

In fact, GPS trackers are considered a security-boost which is why many insurance providers offer rate reductions for vehicles equipped with GPS devices.

Improve fleet security

Theft of cargo or vehicle causes millions of dollars of loss to fleet owners. The risks are definitely there, especially if you’re servicing areas where crime is prevalent.

Anonymous is designed to increase your crisis response rate. The tracker installed in the vehicle sends an SOS alarm via the mobile app in case of tampering or theft. The company notifies the police while you track the vehicle’s movement on the map.

SOS alerts can be configured to different exception conditions. For an added layer of security, you can set geo-fences to get a push notification when vehicles go out of predefined routes.

Manage maintenance schedule

The key to operating at minimal expenses is following a scheduled maintenance plan. And Anonymous makes that easy for you. It allows you to set your maintenance schedule plan based on a variety of criteria: operating hours, miles driven, etc. So when it’s time for maintenance and repairs, you’ll get a notification and not miss the timing.

The longer you put off M&R, the more costly it becomes. So by using a timely schedule, you can expect to lower your M&R costs by up to 10%.

Get robust support

Installing hundreds of GPS trackers for your fleet seems like a chore. But that would be the least of your worries because the Anonymous team will handle that for you. Everything should be seamless once the GPS devices are installed and activated. But should you run into any technical woes, you can get immediate assistance any time of day!

Fleet managers oversee complex operations on a daily basis. Simplify it with Anonymous. Sign up today!