Anonymous Helps Defeat Major Business Theft

When you spend money on a solution, the best outcome is always the one you had hoped for.
In one case, Anonymous proved that point exactly when a client in the services industry (does not wish to be named) was able to catch a thief red handed. This saved the company tens of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, by the time the thief was caught, over $35,000 in damages had already incurred.
Catching the thief prevented future theft and whilst the losses are not ideal at least some justice was served in that he was caught and will now have to answer for what he has done.

Our unnamed client is not the only business owner that struggles with major theft. Whether it’s theft of time or tangible things, it leaves many mid to large sized businesses in New Zealand with relatively large yearly losses and reduced profit margins. Too often it’s too hard to put your finger on the cause or a person. Even if you are rightlly suspicious, how do you go about solving the problem in a legal way?
You may wonder, what did Anonymous do differently to catch this thief out?
As an integrated solution, our software attached itself onto our client’s existing system and provided a high level of reporting.

Integration included the following steps:

1. Update all company policies, allowing the business owner to legally track his assets. This included tools, phones and vehicles.
2. Install the hardware on all assets as required.
3. Install the integrated software and set up unique GEO fencing rules.
The outcome was amazing.

Not only was our client able to see where all his assets were in real time, he was able to get notified when an anomaly occurred.

For example, when a staff member separated from another staff member, vehicle or tool an SMS would notify a predetermined destination, in this case the boss.

In many cases a services company may run a large job that can take months to complete. It’s impossible to do daily visits therefore there’s a large trust factor that the employee is being efficient and honest about his or her time. With most GPS systems you would see the vehicle parked up at the job and assume that is the case…

Is it though really?

In our case study mentioned above, the employee separated from the vehicle by over 1km. Our smart notifications let the business owner know what was happening and he was able to immediately investigate the employee’s status.

Horror SHOCK, the employee was doing another (cash) job two blocks down while being paid by his employer on the first job. Many hours a week simply went unnoticed over several months given the nature of the work. To top it off, the employee used the company’s machinery, materials and tools.

Hard to believe? Definitely!

No company is immune to this kind of criminal behaviour. We think we know people and it may be a sad thing that we have to implement technology to offset trust, but in many cases it will also offset your losses.

Are you ready for truth?

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