Anonymous Mobile Client

Enjoy a reliable and stable GPS tracking service anytime, anywhere with the Anonymous Mobile Client app.

Anonymous is an all-in-one GPS tracking app. It offers a simple, sleek interface with mapping options all over the world. Choose from Google Maps, Satellite Map and OSM.

A suite of powerful GPS features at your fingertips:

  • Real-Time Tracking
    Want to know the whereabouts of your car, gadget, pet, employees, etc. in real time? Easily track it on your mobile device. Get all the important information about the status of your vehicle: its precise location, how far it is to its destination, its speed, idling hours, fuel consumption and more. Ask your family, friends or employees to install this app so you can track each other in real-time.
    Real-time tracking helps improve asset recovery and fuel savings. For businesses, it helps improve fleet management as well as customer service by communicating with customers the estimated time of delivery.
  • Alerts and Notifications
    Create custom alerts to receive instant notifications for important updates about your object. For instance, you can set SOS alarms in case of theft/vandalism or instant alerts for speeding, stopovers or whenever your object leaves your marked geo zones.
  • History and Reports
    Check History for a quick view of your object’s activities and information for a specific period of time, including driving hours, total distance travelled, fuel consumption, stopovers, recent destinations and other details. Get all these information in a downloadable report for your documentation purposes.
  •  Geofencing
    With geofencing, you can set up virtual geographic boundaries around specific places or areas, such as your neighbourhood, your workplace, your school campus, your business premises, etc. Setting geofences lets you monitor when your object enters or leaves a geo zone. For instance, you can check when your child left school or when your employees leave the office during work hours. The range of application is virtually limitless.
  • Fuel savings
    Turn Fuel Saving mode on to track your vehicle’s fuel consumption for the distance you travelled. You can also check for idling time or aggressive speeding, two of the main causes of fuel wastage. For fleet management, you can check unauthorised vehicle usage by setting geofences and getting alerts when your fleet goes out of their supposed route or leaves marked zones. By tracking your driving behaviour or your fleet’s activities, you can better manage your fuel consumption and save on petrol.
  • Point of Interest (POI)
    Find hotels, restaurants, businesses or any favourite spots quickly by adding them as your POI. Customise your map by adding markers to these locations, so you can easily find directions and get travel time estimates for your points of interest.
    Download maps for offline use – handy for areas with weak data connections.
  • Accessories
    Maximise the mobile app with optional accessories: camera, microphone, battery sensor, fuel tank sensor, temperature sensor, engine on/of, and more. These extra accessories ensure a higher level of comfort, convenience and security. For example, engine can be remotely switched off in the event of theft.

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