Need an app for tracking an object or a person discreetly? Be anonymous with our hidden tracking app.

  • App won’t appear as is on your mobile screen (more details below)
  • FREE with any active Anonymous subscription plan
  • Ideal for tracking your employees, partner or children
  • View real-time object status on desktop or another mobile device
  • Get alerts for lost/stolen phone
  • Preview routes, history, etc.
  • Designed for Android devices only

Get your hidden app for free

It may take up 72 hours before you receive your download link and instructions.

Here’s how it works

Real-time GPS tracking is perfect for trailing family members, partners or employees. But not everyone likes the idea of being traced constantly and some circumstances require you to keep your tracking activities under the radar. That’s why we’ve built an undetectable Android GPS tracker that lets you do just that. If you already have an Anonymous app subscription plan, you can access the invisible tracking app for free. Using your subscription details, fill out the form below to register. Wait for the email confirmation and follow the steps provided to complete your registration. Once you have signed in, add the device you want to track and sign in to the Anonymous app on that same device. Do this for all other devices you want to track. The app becomes invisible once you have configured the settings. Once the app is hidden, you can access it again by dialing a special set of numbers. If you want the app to stay on your screen for easy access, we made it so that you can rename it into any ubiquitous app that nobody will care to check such as “Battery Saver”, “Phone Settings”, etc.

Anonymous Mobile


  • Accurate tracking – view location in real time, check exact address, coordinates and other info
  • Geofencing – set virtual boundaries (geofences) and get alerts when person enters/exits marked zones
  • History and reports – view recent routes, visited locations, distance traveled, travel time, etc.
  • Phone recovery – trace lost or stolen phone for easier retrieval
  • Fleet management – minimise idle time, overspeeding or unauthorized vehicle use
  • Change tracking intervals or location accuracy settings Start tracking anonymously!