Stop Auto Theft With Affordable Fleet Tracking

When is the best time to install a vehicle tracking GPS system – before you need it is the advice of many Insurance companies. Having a vehicle stolen is a major inconvenience and often leaves you stranded. Add to that any valuables that may have been left in the vehicle at the time and it creates one of those headaches you never wanted. Multiple that by 100 vehicles, and it could be the end of your business. Now, if you own more than one vehicle or a fleet of them, do you have options to protect them – of course you do.

If you have one vehicle or 100 vehicles, there are many options on the market that can help you track your fleet 24/7. From Real-time Tracking, notifications, history and reports to geofencing – to get instant notifications sent to either your smart phone or PC for whenever your asset enters or leaves a geo fence how handy is that!

Anonymous users also have the option to upgrade and have the tracking integrated with compatible software that you may already be using, or we can create that special system just for you.

Just imagine, of all the benefits, just the ability to be able to real-time track your vehicles in case of theft it would enable you to quickly find and recover your asset which would greatly reduce the chance of vandalism and damage.

Police say up to 100 vehicles belonging to a rental car company in Auckland have been stolen. 


Source: 1 NEWS

Inspector Matt Srhoj of Counties Manukau Police said the vehicles were taken from a Jucy yard in Māngere, South Auckland. 

Over the weekend, several of the vehicles were recovered.

Inspector Srhoj said the total number of vehicles taken is unclear yet as a full stocktake of Jucy yards is yet to be completed.

“The stolen vehicles are Holden Captiva, Mazda 3 or Suzuki Swift (models) and are plain without branding, making them not easily identifiable as a Jucy rental vehicle from afar,” he said.

Twenty vehicles have been recovered in Ōtara, Māngere and Papatoetoe, and a number of arrests have been made. 

Is your vehicle safe? Are you looking at GPS Fleet tracking? Talk to Anonymous.

Protect Your Assets With A GPS Tracker

So you’re probably already using GPS technology to check traffic on your daily route, find places on a map, or get directions for the shortest way to your destination. But did you know that it can also be used to protect your assets?

A GPS tracker lets you virtually keep an eye on valuable items. Whether it’s a single vehicle or an entire fleet, it makes it easier for you to locate and track high-value objects in real time. A few other examples of items you can track are cargoes, equipment, trailers, auction items, recreational vehicles and even employees.

Every activity related to a tracked asset will be recorded. So when a driver is using your fleet vehicle for an unauthorised activity or when a highly valuable company property is not where it’s supposed to be, you can take immediate action.

Who can use it?

Obviously, transportation companies can primarily benefit from using GPS tracking for asset protection. For instance, they can use the technology to figure out how and where they should deploy their vehicles as well as to monitor their fleet’s whereabouts in case of theft or accidents. The Anonymous GPS tracker, in particular, serves as a fleet management tool that provides managers an easy way to track fleet activity. The real-time visibility of a driver’s location and current tasks makes it easier for managers to assign jobs to the nearest available drivers. It maximises productivity by minimising downtime and making the most of resources.

The same goes for freight and distribution companies. Being able to track goods during transport provides assurance not just for the company but for their customers as well. Companies are able to estimate arrival dates and delays, while customers appreciate the fact that they are able to track the current location of their orders. It also allows for faster response in the event of theft or mishandling.

In high-security business environments, GPS tracking is also a cost-effective solution for reducing security risks. When used in tracking employees, a GPS tracker provides data on workers’ productivity and attendance. In some situations, the ability to track assets in transit may also protect your company from potentially dangerous conflicts where public safety is involved.

GPS tracking methods

There are a number of ways you can track your assets using GPS technology depending on what you are tracking.

  • Smartphone. Today’s mobile devices are equipped with GPS capability so you can track your phone. The results are pretty much accurate, but there’s a discrepancy of a few meters to the actual location. Obviously this is limited only to your device, and leaves you without a device should you need to track it down.
  • Tracker apps. There are third-party apps that you can download on your device which you can use to track people or vehicles. However, the person you are tracking must carry the mobile device at all times. Of course there are wearable trackers for this purpose. But the success of this method lies on the willingness of the ‘trackee’ to be on the radar 24/7. As for vehicles, turning your smartphone into a GPS device can be a low-cost solution for a delivery truck or for mobile assets. However, there is a possibility of the device being stolen or removed by someone.
  • GPS trackers. These nondescript devices are designed to be tucked away discreetly which makes them the best option for security-related reasons. They usually come with a dedicated software which you can set up on your mobile phone and desktop, that lets you check your assets’ real-time status at any time of day. For a small monthly service fee, you can have peace of mind knowing your assets are right where you want them to be.

Here are some of the useful features of a GPS tracker:

The tracker fetches signals from satellites to locate an object on the map. You will see the exact location of all your assets in real time. If an asset is being transported or on the move, you will receive a text notification right away. Your tracker may also send information at predefined schedules or intervals, which could include location, direction and speed.

To ensure asset delivery is secure and on time, you may even set geofences or virtual boundaries around your predefined route. So if the driver goes off the prescribed course, you will immediately be notified and you can contact the driver right away.

If something goes missing, you can mark your asset as stolen. And if you wish, you can choose to notify law enforcers.

You can use multiple trackers for a large number of assets and conveniently monitor them in one single platform. If you are looking for a smarter and more efficient way to manage your assets, this is definitely it.

Sometimes it also happens when a family member takes your car or your farm truck without your knowledge. So when you find an empty garage, you’d know where to find it simply by logging in to the app.

It’s a small investment but certainly a worthy one.

Keep your family members safe at all times

We live in a fast-paced world, and sometimes our busy schedules don’t allow us to keep tabs on our family members as often as we want. It’s not even enough to leave it to your teen or the nanny of your small child to give you updates on their whereabouts.

So what’s a busy mom or dad to do?

One brilliant solution is using a GPS tracker. Gone are the days when GPS tracking is exclusive to spy movies. Today you can use it to track pretty much anything or anyone, including family members.

GPS technology is becoming a must-have security tool for modern families. It gives parents peace of mind wherever, whenever. Anonymous GPS tracking offers a range of options for people, pets and vehicles, each with its own relevant features.

The personal GPS tracker is designed for teens, seniors, small children and even pets. It’s light and compact, and supported by a mobile app. Below are some ways it can help you protect your family members:


Kids tend to get into all sorts of mischief. It’s a natural thing for them to be curious of their surroundings or be enticed by cute pets or friendly strangers. We hear those kinds of stories on the news where children get lost despite being under the watch of an adult. And as much as you don’t want it to happen to your kid, the possibility remains.

Here’s where Anonymous GPS tracking really comes in handy. Basically, there’s a small tracking device that you attach to your kid’s clothing, which feeds geo-location information to an app installed on your smartphone. It’s light and compact so it won’t be a burden to carry around. And it’s designed to prevent smart kids from detaching it so easily.

Meanwhile, the app lets you design your own virtual boundaries or geofences so you can instantly receive push notifications whenever your kid wanders off “safe zones.” It has good battery life, but you can also monitor battery status right from the app.

It’s especially useful when you’re out on hiking adventures, camping trips or picnics, as it leaves your kids free to explore nature. Also, when you’re in crowded places like airports or malls, it’s easier to find the exact location of your kid. And you can teach them to push the SOS button if they needed help, so you can get faster to them.


The teenage years are the least stressful stage for families, said no parent ever. We all know it’s generally a time for bolder attitudes and reckless behaviour as your son or daughter pushes for more independence.

Now while it’s good to let teens explore the world and learn to act on their own feet, parents are going to be parents no matter what.

To put your anxious mind at ease, you can install the Anonymous app on their mobile phone so you can check up on your teen anytime. You won’t need to buy a GPS tracker because your mobile phone becomes the tracker itself. All you’ll need is to get a subscription plan with the features that you need most.

The geofence feature lets you know when they arrive or leave school, where they hang out and what the quickest route to their location is. It’s all on your smartphone so you won’t even need to call to ask where they are.

If your teen is driving, you can also use a vehicle tracking device supported by Anonymous to monitor aggressive driving habits.


Even if they are miles away, you can check up on your elderly family members anytime with Anonymous. You can tell their daily activities and routine based on the places they visit, and you can immediately respond in case of an emergency.

GPS tracking is also helpful if you have a senior family member with dementia or a condition that necessitates close monitoring.


Now you don’t have to wonder what time your partner comes home. You can just simply open the app to find their current location, see if they’re stuck in traffic, or check how long their drive will take.

You can also use the app to quickly find each other if you’ve been separated in a foreign place. Knowing each other’s exact location is much more reliable than giving directions to an unfamiliar place.

Anonymous personal tracking can be used for pretty much anything you can think of tracking – your pets, your luggage, your car, etc. When you have peace of mind, you can focus on other things that are important to you.

A New Way to Manage Your Fleet

Keeping drivers productive and safe on the road is essential to fleet owners. On one hand, the potential fuel savings for good driving habits can add up across the entire fleet, reducing operational costs. On the other hand, this can lead to fewer accidents and better delivery of services.

But how exactly can fleet managers ensure efficient driver behaviour and safety? In this age of information and technology, everything managers and logisticians need is right at their fingertips.

Enter Anonymous Fleet Tracker. It’s the next-generation GPS tracking software that can help your business monitor productivity levels with minimal expenses. It has a mobile app version that lets you stay updated with your business on the go.

This versatile fleet management solution is offered as a subscription app with annual subscription plans. We highlight the word versatile here because it lets you choose tracking options and features depending on the size and needs of your fleet.

Anonymous is basically a GPS tracker with a ton of extra features suitable for managing a large number of vehicles. See why your business is better with it.

Find the fastest routes

Anonymous helps you find the best routes relative to traffic and weather conditions. Every drop of fuel counts. So if you can make your deliveries or trips shorter, you’ll reap the benefit of increased productivity and reduced operating costs.

Anonymous combines satellite imagery, Google maps and XML maps for a more accurate picture of fleet locations at any given time.

Keep data in one secure place

Keeping documents can be a pain when you’re overseeing a large fleet. So maybe you’re already documenting everything digitally. But you can go a step further with Anonymous. By subscribing to the fully integrated plan, you can have a new integrated website where you can access all your data, including invoices, history, reports, etc. You can view these in either a detailed or a summary report, any time of day.

Anonymous also lets you add unlimited accounts and set admin/user roles for better fleet data management, All your data is backed up in a secure online storage so you won’t ever lose important records.

Actionable data

From the dashboard, you can view detailed history and a variety of reports, which contain accurate data for making smarter decisions about payback on your investment. For instance, you can track fuel consumption, idling hours and maintenance issues for each vehicle. The subscription comes with sensors and accessories that can help you monitor the status of each vehicle.

One of the early adopters of Anonymous uses the app to track driving behaviours, which helps them to reduce speeding and unauthorised usage. They also use vehicle-specific reporting to resolve customer billing disputes. The tracker records accurate times of arrival and departure at customer locations, so you can always find proof in your data.

The Anonymous fleet tracker generates comprehensive performance reports, detailing each vehicle’s log, driver scorecard, fuel consumption, routes and even traffic violations. The visibility of the fleet’s locations and activities in real time not only helps improve fleet efficiency but also helps mitigate insurance claims.

In fact, GPS trackers are considered a security-boost which is why many insurance providers offer rate reductions for vehicles equipped with GPS devices.

Improve fleet security

Theft of cargo or vehicle causes millions of dollars of loss to fleet owners. The risks are definitely there, especially if you’re servicing areas where crime is prevalent.

Anonymous is designed to increase your crisis response rate. The tracker installed in the vehicle sends an SOS alarm via the mobile app in case of tampering or theft. The company notifies the police while you track the vehicle’s movement on the map.

SOS alerts can be configured to different exception conditions. For an added layer of security, you can set geo-fences to get a push notification when vehicles go out of predefined routes.

Manage maintenance schedule

The key to operating at minimal expenses is following a scheduled maintenance plan. And Anonymous makes that easy for you. It allows you to set your maintenance schedule plan based on a variety of criteria: operating hours, miles driven, etc. So when it’s time for maintenance and repairs, you’ll get a notification and not miss the timing.

The longer you put off M&R, the more costly it becomes. So by using a timely schedule, you can expect to lower your M&R costs by up to 10%.

Get robust support

Installing hundreds of GPS trackers for your fleet seems like a chore. But that would be the least of your worries because the Anonymous team will handle that for you. Everything should be seamless once the GPS devices are installed and activated. But should you run into any technical woes, you can get immediate assistance any time of day!

Fleet managers oversee complex operations on a daily basis. Simplify it with Anonymous. Sign up today!

Who can sign up to Anonymous?

Technology has brought us to an age where anyone who has a smartphone can track virtually anyone or anything they want. GPS tracking is no longer just a tool for private investigations but, in fact, a tool common people can use for security and economic reasons.

So to answer the question ‘Who can sign up to Anonymous,’ well, the answer is anyone. Specifically, if you belong to any of the following categories, you stand to benefit the most from this robust GPS tracking service:


How many times has it happened that your teenager asked permission to join a study group in school or hang out at the beach, and ended up being elsewhere or somewhere they shouldn’t? If it happened once, you’d likely run into the same situation in the future. It’s a common ordeal for parents.

Teens like to explore new things and seek more autonomy. And while you want them to learn to stand on their feet and enjoy their growing independence, you can’t help but worry about their safety.

A family GPS tracker provides a win-win solution for all. It lets your teenager enjoy his social life, while keeping you in on his or her activities. No need to call every hour or get anxious about their whereabouts.

GPS tracking is also useful when you’re out on holiday camps, skiing trips and the like. The tracker will let you keep an eye on your children while they explore their new surroundings. It’s the same thing when you’re in crowded places – it’s easier and quicker to find their location.

With Anonymous, you can also set up SOS push notifications so you can reach to your children quickly in case of emergencies. The children can push a panic button to inform you when they need help. You can also set geo-fences so you know when your child arrives at and leaves school, their ballet studio, etc.


If you’re living with an elderly person who likes to go about but tends to lose his or her way home, you could use a GPS tracker for safety reasons. For older people with dementia, wandering can lead to serious injury. Their condition can cause disorientation that makes even familiar places seem unfamiliar, and this sense of getting lost can cause emotional stress and anxiety. The same goes for family members with special needs.

GPS trackers have increasingly become a useful tool for caregivers and families with senior members, because it provides accurate, real-time location reports and alerts. Peace of mind is invaluable.


Are you a frequent traveller, a digital nomad, or a globetrotter? Chances are you’ve experienced losing your luggage or belonging on one of your trips, or you’ve forgotten to bring with you important documents to the airport. It happens even to the most experienced traveller.

Here’s a brilliant solution: use an asset tracker to take stock of all your stuff. You can attach the tracking device to your luggage, backpack, laptop case, or other valuables. All the information you need, you can easily access on the Anonymous mobile app.

Business Owners

If you own a business where you have door-to-door salespeople, delivery men or workers who service homes and businesses, a GPS tracker is a must-have tool. With the ability to monitor a delivery vehicle or person, you will be able to tell if workers are doing their job in a timely manner. You can also tell whether they are running personal errands within work hours or if they are following the most efficient delivery route.

Fleet managers

GPS trackers have become an indispensable tool for businesses that manage a fleet of vehicles. Whether you own a rental car company or a courier company, vehicle tracking is an important activity.

It just makes fleet management a whole lot easier. From the driving history and reports, you can check each vehicle’s route, specific location at certain times, idling hours and other information you can use for improving fleet performance and efficiency. Should a driver run into trouble on the road, they can send instant SOS notifications so you can facilitate quicker crisis response.

Even if you don’t own a fleet, you can most definitely install a tracker in your motorbike, family car or luxury vehicle.

Pet owners

To many people, pets are like family. So they want to stay updated on their pet’s condition and whereabouts while they are away or at work. If you are a devoted pet owner, a wearable tracking device for your furry friend is definitely a good investment.

Farm animal owners

Farm animals are considered assets. But unlike other things, they have a mind of their own. Goats, which are notorious wanderers, won’t let you keep them in one spot. Neither do cows and horses that tend to go where the best grasslands are.

Managing farm animals can be a big ordeal. But you can breathe more easily and avoid unexpected surprises by using the Anonymous animal tracker. Its use does not end with knowing the location of your herd or livestock at any given time. Using the data it collects, you can even monitor the timing and places of grazing of your herd. Use it for tracking farm equipment such as tractors, harvesters, etc.


Couples who always want to know each other’s location and activities will find GPS tracking an essential thing. If you’re both living busy lives and can’t find matching times to chat, just knowing your partner’s location at the moment and their routine lets you in on their life. For couples living together, it’s easier to keep track without having to always call to ask their partner’s whereabouts.

Have a hunch that your partner’s having an affair? There’s a hidden Anonymous app that you can install on their phone. It connects to a magnetic tracker that you can secretly attach to your partner’s watch or car.

Office managers

Tracking employees may sound invasive, but it’s actually not when you do it right. In fact, this practice is becoming an integral part of running a business.

The beauty of a GPS tracking system like Anonymous is it doesn’t cost a fortune to run and you get to choose a set of features that are useful for monitoring your workforce. It offers GPS and location tracking, fleet management, invoicing and more.

Construction companies

Like fleet managers, construction supervisors have to take stock of their heavy equipment and machineries to ensure productivity and efficiency. Having a GPS tracker on every digger, bulldozer or jackhammer you own lets you easily check whether or not they are working on site as they should.

The possibilities for using GPS tracking are virtually endless. So if you think it can help you in ways other than what was discussed here, then you too can sign up to Anonymous!

Anonymous Helps Defeat Major Business Theft

When you spend money on a solution, the best outcome is always the one you had hoped for.
In one case, Anonymous proved that point exactly when a client in the services industry (does not wish to be named) was able to catch a thief red handed. This saved the company tens of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, by the time the thief was caught, over $35,000 in damages had already incurred.
Catching the thief prevented future theft and whilst the losses are not ideal at least some justice was served in that he was caught and will now have to answer for what he has done.

Our unnamed client is not the only business owner that struggles with major theft. Whether it’s theft of time or tangible things, it leaves many mid to large sized businesses in New Zealand with relatively large yearly losses and reduced profit margins. Too often it’s too hard to put your finger on the cause or a person. Even if you are rightlly suspicious, how do you go about solving the problem in a legal way?
You may wonder, what did Anonymous do differently to catch this thief out?
As an integrated solution, our software attached itself onto our client’s existing system and provided a high level of reporting.

Integration included the following steps:

1. Update all company policies, allowing the business owner to legally track his assets. This included tools, phones and vehicles.
2. Install the hardware on all assets as required.
3. Install the integrated software and set up unique GEO fencing rules.
The outcome was amazing.

Not only was our client able to see where all his assets were in real time, he was able to get notified when an anomaly occurred.

For example, when a staff member separated from another staff member, vehicle or tool an SMS would notify a predetermined destination, in this case the boss.

In many cases a services company may run a large job that can take months to complete. It’s impossible to do daily visits therefore there’s a large trust factor that the employee is being efficient and honest about his or her time. With most GPS systems you would see the vehicle parked up at the job and assume that is the case…

Is it though really?

In our case study mentioned above, the employee separated from the vehicle by over 1km. Our smart notifications let the business owner know what was happening and he was able to immediately investigate the employee’s status.

Horror SHOCK, the employee was doing another (cash) job two blocks down while being paid by his employer on the first job. Many hours a week simply went unnoticed over several months given the nature of the work. To top it off, the employee used the company’s machinery, materials and tools.

Hard to believe? Definitely!

No company is immune to this kind of criminal behaviour. We think we know people and it may be a sad thing that we have to implement technology to offset trust, but in many cases it will also offset your losses.

Are you ready for truth?

Get in touch to find out how Anonymous can help you reduce losses.