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Real-Time Tracking

Maintain control over your assets with real-time tracking. Monitor your object’s precise location in real time on your chosen map: Google Maps, Satellite, or OSM. Quickly view additional information about the vehicle, person, mobile, or object you are tacking: speed, trip history, idling, petrol consumption, etc. Auto-refresh with current locations so you know exactly where object is at any time of day. In case of theft, real-time tracking enables you to quickly find and recover your asset, reducing the chances of vandalism and damage.


Monitor your tracking object’s activities with instant alerts. Get notifications for idling, stoppage, over-speeding, entering/exiting geo-zones and other tracking information via email, mobile app or SMS sent to your iPhone, Android or Windows devices. Set SOS alarms if the object has been tampered with or stolen, and enable/disable the device or turn on/off the engine automatically. Quickly view current device status and receive notifications for potential device interruptions: low battery, faulty power, lost power, etc.

history & reports

Access and review location and event reports by date and GPS tracker name. History information includes driving hours, distance travelled, stopovers, idling time, fuel consumption, and many more. Download detailed reports in any format: PDF, XLS, CSV or TXT. Group reports are available for fleet management with useful data for improving driver performance, saving fuel costs, preventing unnecessary idling, improving use of assets and reducing paperwork.

fuel Savings

Anonymous allows you to easily check tank fuel level and monitor driving behaviour that can influence fuel consumption, such as speeding or rapid braking. Having detailed reports on fuel consumption can help you improve your driving habits and cut your fuel costs by up to 15%. An hour of idle time equates to one gallon of petrol. By utilising the data from the idle reports, you can set up alerts for idling to better manage your fuel costs.


Create virtual geographical boundaries or “geo fences” around areas on the map that have specific interest to you. Get instant notifications sent to your smartphone or computer whenever your tracking object enters or leaves your geo fences. Geofencing offers tons of options for personal and business use: security alerts, location-based marketing, targeted ads, mobile push notifications, fleet tracking, employee monitoring, automated time cards and many more. Discover the possibilities with the [GPS device name] tracker.

Anonymous Geofencing

Poi & tool

Easily find places and landmarks that have specific interest to you with the Point of Interest (POI) tool. Add the name and description for hotels, gas stations, restaurants, offices, etc, and set up a location marker so you can save time and avoid the hassle in finding locations of interest. Get the quickest route to your favourite hangout spots or important venues by using tools to calculate distances between map locations.


Anonymous is very easy to use and works on any Android, iOS or Windows devices. With the mobile GPS tracking app, you can conveniently access all software features on your mobile device. You can check the current status and specific details of individual objects, view user history and reports, set up alerts and security features, manage performance information, etc. Manage your assets even when they are miles away from you!

Anonymous Mobile

SMS Gateway

Stop wondering about the condition and whereabouts of your assets by setting up automated text alerts for important events, such as vehicle theft, engine on/off, rapid acceleration, odd hours, etc. Simply connect the tracker to any SMS Gateway to activate. Now you can put your mind at ease and focus on other important aspects of your business.


Take GPS tracking to the next level with our accessories and sensors: camera, microphone, driver identification, fuel tank sensor, engine on/off, odometer sensor, GSM sensor, temperature sensor and more. Improve the safety and security of your assets. With smart sensors built into your vehicles, you can manage driving behaviours as well as maintain your assets at their best condition for longer.

Anonymous GPS Tracking Accessories