Keep your family members safe at all times

We live in a fast-paced world, and sometimes our busy schedules don’t allow us to keep tabs on our family members as often as we want. It’s not even enough to leave it to your teen or the nanny of your small child to give you updates on their whereabouts.

So what’s a busy mom or dad to do?

One brilliant solution is using a GPS tracker. Gone are the days when GPS tracking is exclusive to spy movies. Today you can use it to track pretty much anything or anyone, including family members.

GPS technology is becoming a must-have security tool for modern families. It gives parents peace of mind wherever, whenever. Anonymous GPS tracking offers a range of options for people, pets and vehicles, each with its own relevant features.

The personal GPS tracker is designed for teens, seniors, small children and even pets. It’s light and compact, and supported by a mobile app. Below are some ways it can help you protect your family members:


Kids tend to get into all sorts of mischief. It’s a natural thing for them to be curious of their surroundings or be enticed by cute pets or friendly strangers. We hear those kinds of stories on the news where children get lost despite being under the watch of an adult. And as much as you don’t want it to happen to your kid, the possibility remains.

Here’s where Anonymous GPS tracking really comes in handy. Basically, there’s a small tracking device that you attach to your kid’s clothing, which feeds geo-location information to an app installed on your smartphone. It’s light and compact so it won’t be a burden to carry around. And it’s designed to prevent smart kids from detaching it so easily.

Meanwhile, the app lets you design your own virtual boundaries or geofences so you can instantly receive push notifications whenever your kid wanders off “safe zones.” It has good battery life, but you can also monitor battery status right from the app.

It’s especially useful when you’re out on hiking adventures, camping trips or picnics, as it leaves your kids free to explore nature. Also, when you’re in crowded places like airports or malls, it’s easier to find the exact location of your kid. And you can teach them to push the SOS button if they needed help, so you can get faster to them.


The teenage years are the least stressful stage for families, said no parent ever. We all know it’s generally a time for bolder attitudes and reckless behaviour as your son or daughter pushes for more independence.

Now while it’s good to let teens explore the world and learn to act on their own feet, parents are going to be parents no matter what.

To put your anxious mind at ease, you can install the Anonymous app on their mobile phone so you can check up on your teen anytime. You won’t need to buy a GPS tracker because your mobile phone becomes the tracker itself. All you’ll need is to get a subscription plan with the features that you need most.

The geofence feature lets you know when they arrive or leave school, where they hang out and what the quickest route to their location is. It’s all on your smartphone so you won’t even need to call to ask where they are.

If your teen is driving, you can also use a vehicle tracking device supported by Anonymous to monitor aggressive driving habits.


Even if they are miles away, you can check up on your elderly family members anytime with Anonymous. You can tell their daily activities and routine based on the places they visit, and you can immediately respond in case of an emergency.

GPS tracking is also helpful if you have a senior family member with dementia or a condition that necessitates close monitoring.


Now you don’t have to wonder what time your partner comes home. You can just simply open the app to find their current location, see if they’re stuck in traffic, or check how long their drive will take.

You can also use the app to quickly find each other if you’ve been separated in a foreign place. Knowing each other’s exact location is much more reliable than giving directions to an unfamiliar place.

Anonymous personal tracking can be used for pretty much anything you can think of tracking – your pets, your luggage, your car, etc. When you have peace of mind, you can focus on other things that are important to you.