User tracking

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User tracking


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Based on the package you have selected, please chose a number of user(s) .
Worried about setup? Hardware setup can be purchased through the checkout.
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This purchase will include:

  • Access to all features available on our platform
  • Software Support
  • Anonymous Hidden App Free Download (Only available for Android)
  • POI as default from 1-5

Before purchasing the App you have the option to sign up to 1 Free 30 day trail.

GPS Features

Enjoy a full suite of premium GPS functionalities:

  • Real-time Tracking– Turn your mobile into a full-fledged GPS tracker.
  • SMS Gateway – Increase emergency response time with instant status alerts and SOS alarms.
  • History and Reports – View detailed reports on your web dashboard or via the mobile app 24/7.
  • Fuel savings – Cut your fuel costs by tracking and minimising idling and overspeeding.
  • Geofencing – Set virtual boundaries to monitor family or employee movements.
  • POI – Find the quickest routes for places of interest by adding location markers.
  • Accessories – For next-level tracking, integrate sensors and accessories to enable fuel tank sensor, engine on/off, driver identification, and more!


Anonymous is a versatile GPS tracking app that lets you know the real-time location and status of your vehicles, gadgets, pets and the people you care about. It also lets you share locations with family and friends. It is easy to use but extremely agile in providing the information you need.

The Anonymous tracker maximises the GPS functionality of your Android or iOS device and supports both internet and satellite mapping so you don’t lose track even when your object reaches remote locations.

It’s packed with robust features that let you create virtual boundaries (geo-fences), add markers for points of interest (POI), track fuel consumption and driving history, access and download detailed reports 24/7, set status alerts and more!

If you want to track your assets or people discreetly, we also have a HIDDEN app version that only you will know about. The invisible Anonymous app will be, well, invisible on your mobile device so there are no traces for your tracking activities.

Download App

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Subscription Content

To start tracking using the Anonymous app, you’ll need to have an active subscription plan.

Choose the starter pack for your mobile device, then add the features you need most, e.g. fuel savings, SMS gateway, notifications, history and reports, etc. Depending on your chosen features, it may take up to 72 hours to have everything completely set up – from the app installations to settings configuration in order to transform your mobile into your own personalised GPS tracker.

All subscriptions include the application and the application setup. Your subscription will automatically be renewed every month in order to avoid service interruptions, especially when you need it most. You may cancel or upgrade your subscription any time you like.

If you have any questions, let us know by sending a line to!


Every GPS tracker is different. Here’s what Anonymous offers:

  • Data in real time–View object movement any time – no delays!
  • Instant alerts – Increase emergency response with push notifications for custom events.
  • Peace of mind – Be constantly updated with the whereabouts of your family, people and assets.
  • Database backup –Keep all tracking information safe and secure.
  • Personalisation – Make the Anonymous tracker completely your own by setting custom events, geofences, markers for your favourite hangouts (POI), modifying design and integrating accessories and sensors.
  • Integrate Anonymous into your existing website, CRM or any other API via our smart API.


There’s a learning curve for everything. So if you ever find trouble with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask for technical support.

Let us know how we can help by dialing 0800 266 696 or sending a message to

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