Who can sign up to Anonymous?

Technology has brought us to an age where anyone who has a smartphone can track virtually anyone or anything they want. GPS tracking is no longer just a tool for private investigations but, in fact, a tool common people can use for security and economic reasons.

So to answer the question ‘Who can sign up to Anonymous,’ well, the answer is anyone. Specifically, if you belong to any of the following categories, you stand to benefit the most from this robust GPS tracking service:


How many times has it happened that your teenager asked permission to join a study group in school or hang out at the beach, and ended up being elsewhere or somewhere they shouldn’t? If it happened once, you’d likely run into the same situation in the future. It’s a common ordeal for parents.

Teens like to explore new things and seek more autonomy. And while you want them to learn to stand on their feet and enjoy their growing independence, you can’t help but worry about their safety.

A family GPS tracker provides a win-win solution for all. It lets your teenager enjoy his social life, while keeping you in on his or her activities. No need to call every hour or get anxious about their whereabouts.

GPS tracking is also useful when you’re out on holiday camps, skiing trips and the like. The tracker will let you keep an eye on your children while they explore their new surroundings. It’s the same thing when you’re in crowded places – it’s easier and quicker to find their location.

With Anonymous, you can also set up SOS push notifications so you can reach to your children quickly in case of emergencies. The children can push a panic button to inform you when they need help. You can also set geo-fences so you know when your child arrives at and leaves school, their ballet studio, etc.


If you’re living with an elderly person who likes to go about but tends to lose his or her way home, you could use a GPS tracker for safety reasons. For older people with dementia, wandering can lead to serious injury. Their condition can cause disorientation that makes even familiar places seem unfamiliar, and this sense of getting lost can cause emotional stress and anxiety. The same goes for family members with special needs.

GPS trackers have increasingly become a useful tool for caregivers and families with senior members, because it provides accurate, real-time location reports and alerts. Peace of mind is invaluable.


Are you a frequent traveller, a digital nomad, or a globetrotter? Chances are you’ve experienced losing your luggage or belonging on one of your trips, or you’ve forgotten to bring with you important documents to the airport. It happens even to the most experienced traveller.

Here’s a brilliant solution: use an asset tracker to take stock of all your stuff. You can attach the tracking device to your luggage, backpack, laptop case, or other valuables. All the information you need, you can easily access on the Anonymous mobile app.

Business Owners

If you own a business where you have door-to-door salespeople, delivery men or workers who service homes and businesses, a GPS tracker is a must-have tool. With the ability to monitor a delivery vehicle or person, you will be able to tell if workers are doing their job in a timely manner. You can also tell whether they are running personal errands within work hours or if they are following the most efficient delivery route.

Fleet managers

GPS trackers have become an indispensable tool for businesses that manage a fleet of vehicles. Whether you own a rental car company or a courier company, vehicle tracking is an important activity.

It just makes fleet management a whole lot easier. From the driving history and reports, you can check each vehicle’s route, specific location at certain times, idling hours and other information you can use for improving fleet performance and efficiency. Should a driver run into trouble on the road, they can send instant SOS notifications so you can facilitate quicker crisis response.

Even if you don’t own a fleet, you can most definitely install a tracker in your motorbike, family car or luxury vehicle.

Pet owners

To many people, pets are like family. So they want to stay updated on their pet’s condition and whereabouts while they are away or at work. If you are a devoted pet owner, a wearable tracking device for your furry friend is definitely a good investment.

Farm animal owners

Farm animals are considered assets. But unlike other things, they have a mind of their own. Goats, which are notorious wanderers, won’t let you keep them in one spot. Neither do cows and horses that tend to go where the best grasslands are.

Managing farm animals can be a big ordeal. But you can breathe more easily and avoid unexpected surprises by using the Anonymous animal tracker. Its use does not end with knowing the location of your herd or livestock at any given time. Using the data it collects, you can even monitor the timing and places of grazing of your herd. Use it for tracking farm equipment such as tractors, harvesters, etc.


Couples who always want to know each other’s location and activities will find GPS tracking an essential thing. If you’re both living busy lives and can’t find matching times to chat, just knowing your partner’s location at the moment and their routine lets you in on their life. For couples living together, it’s easier to keep track without having to always call to ask their partner’s whereabouts.

Have a hunch that your partner’s having an affair? There’s a hidden Anonymous app that you can install on their phone. It connects to a magnetic tracker that you can secretly attach to your partner’s watch or car.

Office managers

Tracking employees may sound invasive, but it’s actually not when you do it right. In fact, this practice is becoming an integral part of running a business.

The beauty of a GPS tracking system like Anonymous is it doesn’t cost a fortune to run and you get to choose a set of features that are useful for monitoring your workforce. It offers GPS and location tracking, fleet management, invoicing and more.

Construction companies

Like fleet managers, construction supervisors have to take stock of their heavy equipment and machineries to ensure productivity and efficiency. Having a GPS tracker on every digger, bulldozer or jackhammer you own lets you easily check whether or not they are working on site as they should.

The possibilities for using GPS tracking are virtually endless. So if you think it can help you in ways other than what was discussed here, then you too can sign up to Anonymous!